If you want to get your kitchen a makeover, make sure that you don’t only focus on the appliances and furniture. You must also consider repainting your kitchen cabinets. Aside from being a storage area, cabinets also serve as accents to your kitchen. You may want to give them a cleaner and fresher appeal.

Here are some color suggestions you can look into:

1. Pantone’s 11-0602 TCX – Snow White

This is ideal for dark kitchens or areas with no windows. Snow White looks pleasing and pure, and its stark white appearance will brighten up the space. You may want to use this paint on cabinet doors with glass inserts. You may also want to change the fronts and drawers of the cabinets to suit the color. To make your kitchen look more elegant, you may wish to place bar stool cushions in color beige.

2. Sherwin-Williams’ SW 9178 – In the Navy

The paint looks minimal and perfect if you don’t want to repaint the cabinets completely. You can splash the cool, dark denim paint on lightly-colored shelves or any white interiors. You can also use it solely on your island cabinets to make them stand out.

3. Sherwin-Williams’ SW 6075 – Garret Gray

Gray makes good accents to other neutral colors. This paint comes with pink undertones, perfect for your cabinets’ lower or upper portions to make them look classically restrained. Once done with the cabinets, you may want to make the walls peach to make the area look fun or cheery and inviting to entertain or eat.

4. Sherwin-Williams’ SW 6208 – Pewter Green

Color the upper and lower cabinets with this gray and green blend to make the area look dignified without taking the spotlight away from the decors. Your cabinets will look regal in this shade, especially when you use miniature doorknobs in gold color. The cabinets will complement the lightness of your marble countertops.

5. Behr Paint’s S380-6 – Ecologica

The paint has an earthy appeal. Its subdued green hue will make other accents in the kitchen stand out and make the whole kitchen look welcoming. It will look better on a creamy-colored countertop. Use metallic drawer pulls and doorknobs on the cabinets to make them more appealing.

6. Behr Paint’s S470-5 – Blueprint

If your kitchen is always brimming with people or you simply love spending time in it, this color will provide a calming and soothing appeal. Many design experts agree that this color will become a classic in the coming years.

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