Baleadas with Eggs

Baleadas are among the most popular street foods in Honduras. They are easy to make and full of flavor. You can also tweak the recipes to suit your taste. You can substitute or add other ingredients depending on your preference. Traditionally, baleadas are flour tortillas warmed and filled with egg, cheese, and creamy bean paste. You will only need these three to start whipping up baleadas in your kitchen.
You can eat them as snacks, but you can also …

Calamari and Penne – Squid Pasta

This easy-to-do pasta dish is perfect for dinner, especially when you want to prepare something quick. You can use any tomato brand of your choice. But since they will make or break the taste of the sauce, you have to choose the brand that thickens quite well and is juicy.
As for the seafood, fresh is always the first choice if you have easy access to it. If not, frozen seafood will taste good as well. However, you have to get the brands that will retain the seafood’s freshness even when chilled for days. 

Quick Ideas for a Pantry Makeover

The most important rule in designing or redesigning your kitchen pantry is having as much space available. It has to look organized and functional.
Here are some ideas you can try if you are planning on a pantry makeover:
1. Be creative with labels
Labels make it easier to find ingredients in the pantry, and you can also write down the expiration dates of the items. You can be as creative as you want in doing the labels. You can make or buy labels that will complement your pantry’s…

Kitchen Trends You May Want to Think Twice About

When designing or giving your kitchen a makeover, you may want to prefer the classic styles or themes that would look good even after several years have passed. You have to be careful about what’s trendy because they may no longer look appealing after the popularity has waned.
Here are some kitchen trends that you may want to think twice about before making them part of your kitchen makeover:
1. Overhead pot racks
While the design may look cool, especially if it …