Hello, I’m the chef, and trust me, I will make you love to spend time in your kitchen or look forward to seeking solace at this special part of your home. I created this virtual space to share with all of you the reasons why my kitchen is a haven.

Cooking skills are not inborn. It is a talent that you need to learn, relearn, update, and tweak as you get more sophisticated tongues to feed. It also takes a lot of experiments (trial, error, repeat) and patience before you can perfect a dish, especially when you are a beginner whose bucket list includes learning how to cook.

Trust the Chef aims to help you in the process of learning about all the magic you can concoct in your kitchen. And not only that, I will guide you on how to choose the most practical and yet quality tools and appliances that can help you in turning basic recipes into something you can proudly share with your family and friends.


Why Did I Put Up Trust the Chef?

Everybody in my circle says I’m a good cook, the reason why I got the monicker chef even though it’s not my profession. I was taught by my mother early in life. And most of her recipes stuck with me up to this day. I have only learned to add more ingredients to suit the taste of whoever I’ll be serving the food to.

It’s not that easy to learn your way in the kitchen even while blindfolded, so I made this site to make it possible. Trust the Chef features easy-to-follow recipes. I will share ideas on how to turn your everyday meal into something festive and fun!

You never know, but as you get into the groove of things, you may want to level up your game and turn a hobby into a money-making venture. Trust the Chef would be happy to be part of your kitchen journey.