The most important rule in designing or redesigning your kitchen pantry is having as much space available. It has to look organized and functional.
Here are some ideas you can try if you are planning on a pantry makeover:

1. Be creative with labels

Labels make it easier to find ingredients in the pantry, and you can also write down the expiration dates of the items. You can be as creative as you want in doing the labels. You can make or buy labels that will complement your pantry’s overall look and theme.

2. Repurpose old soda boxes

A little DIY is all you need to turn old soda boxes into storage solutions that can help you organize your pantry. You can tweak the shape of the boxes and cover them with wrappers or cloth. You can use the boxes to store sauces and soups. Make sure that you put labels on the boxes before stacking them for more space.

3. Arrange the canned goods on a rack

Cans can look messy if you will only stack them up or place them side by side. As you keep adding on your stock, it will be harder to look for the right cans, or they might look chaotic. The best solution to this is to find a rack where you can place the canned items in the pantry. There are many storage racks available for this purpose, or you can also make your own by redesigning racks you are no longer using.

4. Hang the chips

Place hangers in the pantry suspended on a curtain rod or shelf rack. You can attach chip bags to them using clothespins. This way, the bags won’t get smashed when stored along with the other grocery items. It will also be easier to look for them when you want one.

5. Utilize the door

You can buy organizers that you can easily hang by the pantry door. You can easily arrange spices, cans, or bottles in a multitiered rack. If you are tight on budget, you can try repurposing your old shoe organizer. You can install it in the door and arrange your stuff in its compartments.

6. Use baskets

You will easily find affordable baskets to use as storage for packets, small boxes, and bags. Make sure that you also put the necessary labels in each basket to make it easier to find the items in the pantry.

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