Quality without breaking the bank – this is what makes Made In a good cookware brand. Despite being relatively new in the industry, the brand has found a loyal following, including more than 1500 professional kitchens, such as Michelin-star approved Alinea in Chicago and Le Bernardin in New York.

What makes the products from Made In lower is that they are operating on a direct-to-consumer model. For now, you can only avail their products on their website MadeInCookware.com. This Austin-based business was launched in 2016. Since then, it has made the following pieces and collections available:

  • Copper cookware
  • Kitchen knives
  • Blue carbon steel cookware
  • Five-ply fully clad non-stick cookware with PFOA-free (tri-layer) coating
  • Five-ply fully clad stainless steel cookware

Reasons for Buying Made In

  1. Performance. All Made In products can be trusted to give off quick and even heating. You can quickly sear using its non-stick pan, carbon steel, or stainless steel pans. The brand also makes it easier to switch from cooktop to oven.
  2. Design. The brand’s products come with a straightforward design – functional and classy. They have thick walls and handles that stay cool while cooking. Even the packaging of Made In’s collections is not fancy, which makes the appeal simple but luxurious.
  3. Durability. Many of its loyal users, including Michelin-star restaurants, say that the brand’s products are made to last. You will also get that feel based on their construction and design.
  4. Variety. They have most chef’s essentials, except for a Dutch oven and cast iron skillet. Their pieces are innovative, but they don’t offer color choices. The brand keeps on innovating and releases new items regularly, so it might not take long before they can fulfill all products you want to add to your kitchen collection.
  5. Price. The brand’s items are fairly priced for the quality they can deliver.

Bottom Line

The brand may be relatively new but has already garnered approving nods from kitchen professionals. They offer their premium products at lower prices than other known brands. Made In is a good buy and will give you more than your money’s worth.

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