With so many brands of non-stick cookware out in the market these days, the fact that Scanpan is gaining loyal patrons says a lot. What kitchen enthusiasts like the most about its pans are their impressive design and construction. It is not surprising since it’s a product of Denmark, a country known for flavorful and hearty dishes and rich culture.

The brand that has been in the business since 1956 offers eight non-stick premium collections. Aside from being stylish and durable, the brand uses 100 percent recycled aluminum mixed with technological advances and put together by genius artisans. These products, aside from being efficient, help in reducing carbon footprint.

Here are some of the reasons why many of its followers use Scanpan products:

  • They are versatile and environment-friendly.
  • Its classic 9.5-inch fry pan was made easier to use due to its short handle. The coating is superb, which is made from ceramic-titanium and PFOA-free.
  • The CTX 10-Piece Deluxe Set deserves its award for the best ceramic kitchen pan for searing.

Reasons for Buying Scanpan

  1. Performance. The cookware can withstand temperatures up to 500 F in the oven. This is something you cannot get with the cheap versions of non-stick pans that are usually not suited for oven use. The brand’s pans have five layers of non-stick coating effective in cooking with little or without oil. For best results, it is recommended to avoid using cooking sprays. Its proprietary coating STRATANIUM+ provides satisfactory deglazing, browning, and searing.
  2. Design. The pans look elegant, but the colors are limited to stainless steel, gray, and black. They are hassle-free, similar to the common designs of cast iron or stainless steel. The handle uses the superior locking innovation that makes the pans easier to clean, while the surface provides a space for uniform cooking. 
  3. Durability. The pan’s coating won’t fall off even when you use metal utensils. The scratch-resistant coating will remain intact, ensuring that your food won’t get fallen coating flakes in it.

Bottom Line

While Scanpan’s products are pricier than many non-stick ceramic pans, you are assured that they will last for a long time.

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