Membership to the club is $25.00 yearly for Individual membership or $30.00 for a Family membership (two people at same address) or $10.00 for a Student membership (which includes all privledges except voting) .

Your membership includes a full color cloth club patch, a decal, a directory with names and addresses of all current members and other information for the current year, and a permanent handbook with history, by-laws, helpful hints and answers to commonly asked questions, reproduction alerts, and information on cleaning cast iron and aluminum pieces. You will also receive a G&CICA Newsletter called " The Pan Handler" (quarterly or more often) updating you about Association happenings and other news of club interest.

You may print this page, fill out the required infomation (please print clearly) and send the completed form with a CHECK, CASHIERS CHECK or MONEY ORDER

made payable to " GRISWOLD & CICA".  


(DO NOT SEND CASH)!    We  Now Accept PayPal

Please Choose your membership from the drop box below.


G. & C.I.C.A SECRETARY                                                                                                                                                            

210 Kralltown Road

Dillsburg, PA 17019


Address:  __________________________________________________________________   


Phone: (______)_______________________________________________


How did you learn about G&CICA?

Referred by (person's name)___________________, this website________,__ Facebook_____________,

Antique Trader advertisement________________ Other? __________________________(print clearly).


Phone: (______)_____________ Email address:__________________________________________________

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If you have questions or suggestions please feel free to contact: 

Brad Schwarting, President at 315-783-3185 or email

Gail Parthree , Secretary at 717-432-3370 (EST or email

If you want a lot of additional forms to place in your antique store or you need them for friends, please contact

Doris Mosier at 814-763-4819 (EST) or email


                                                                               Thank you!