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    National convention 2016

    Well folks.jeff and diane did a fabulous job hosting the maine convention once again. Great food and plenty of much for the diet.wonderful accomodations and lots of iron to choose from during the room sales and the auction.kudos to sonny and his team for making that event successful.hope everyone had a safe drive home,and had as good of a time that me and my blushing bride had.sorry i could not give farewells to a lot of the membership, but this old dog is not as young an comfortable as i once was pounding the pavement for 12 hours anymore.great seeing you all again and meeting new friends as well.lets try this again next year in missouri..whether you’re from yale or jail i love you all.may the good lord to a liking to each and every one of you.dave and nancy lange

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    Re: National convention 2016

    I believe you covered all bases Dave. It was indeed a wonderful time. Glad you are up and about and playing with iron again. Hugs to you and that blushing bride. Sonny

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    Re: National convention 2016

    Sonny, are you going to have one of the girls or yourself post the realized prices from the auction? I missed about half of them myself.dave

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    Re: National convention 2016

    Name:  100_7857.jpg
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    Room sales all over the second floor, before and in between main events

    Name:  100_7858.jpg
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    Name:  100_7860.jpg
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Size:  70.2 KB Stafford Freese prepares his spaghetti

    Name:  100_7861.jpg
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Size:  49.2 KB Comedian Super Model Celebrity entertains us

    Name:  100_7863.jpg
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Size:  55.6 KB Dave Lange & Tom Moran--display ash trays

    Name:  100_7865.jpg
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    Sonny McCarter, Len Lange, Shirley Willard

    Name:  100_7869.jpg
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    Jim Nance, Roy Meadows, Patty & Ron Barringer

    Name:  100_7872.jpg
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Size:  48.1 KB Scott Naedeau & his Maine iron foundry display

    Name:  100_7874.jpg
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    clover leaf enameled iron (Maine)
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    Re: National convention 2016

    A few of the many SHOW & TELL items discussed for us by
    Brad Schwarting, Perry Rapier, & Jeff Nicholas

    Attachment 2515

    Attachment 2516

    Attachment 2517

    Attachment 2518

    Attachment 2519
    Brad, Jeff & Perry

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    Re: National convention 2016

    The auctioneer, Mike Hobbs, runners Scott McCarter, Trish Shafer, and Sonny McCarter all had a big workout as more than 150 items were sold at the annual member's auction. Some good bargains were gained by bidders and some excellent prices realized for sellers. Thanks to all who participated in one way or another.

    Attachment 2520 Scott

    Attachment 2521 Sonny

    Attachment 2522 Mike

    Attachment 2523 Trish

    Attachment 2524

    Shirley Willard & Gail Parthree, accountants
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    Re: National convention 2016

    Sample of some of the SWAP MEET tables

    Attachment 2525 Brad Schwarting

    Attachment 2526
    Marg O'Neil's nursery plate

    Attachment 2527
    Dave & Nancy Lange

    Attachment 2528 Randy Young

    Attachment 2529 Linda Lamb

    Attachment 2530 Josh Delp

    Attachment 2531 Jeff Nicholas

    Attachment 2532 Butch Parthree

    Attachment 2533
    Ann Smith talking to Cleone Leach

    Attachment 2534
    a small sample of George & Josh Delp's iron

    Attachment 2535

    Sorry I didn't get more pictures, but maybe some others will post.
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    Re: National convention 2016

    2016 Convention Annual Meeting

    Attachment 2536
    Back row--directors: Tony Tschirky, Tom Moran, Larry O'Neil, Josh Delp, Joe Noto, Shirley Willard
    Front row--director Dave Lange; Trish Shafer--treasurer; Gail Parthree--secretary; Brad Schwarting--president; Scott McCarter, vice president; absent, Russ Howser, immediate past president

    the band plays throughout the evening
    Attachment 2537

    Banquet candids
    Attachment 2538

    Attachment 2539

    the entree, Maine Lobster (or steak)
    Attachment 2540
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    Re: National convention 2016

    Diane & Jeff Nicholas--hosts--meritorious service award

    Attachment 2541

    Gail Parthree--President Schwarting's award

    Attachment 2542

    More than a dozen first time convention participants--each received a tote bag of goodies from awards chair person, Marg O'Neil

    Attachment 2543

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