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    Reaching New Members - Word of Mouth

    Our club is always interested in reaching people that may have an interest in cast iron cookware and introducing them to G&CICA. I know it's hard to believe but not everyone has a computer or access to the internet. Some people have limited access to a computer through their local library. I'm only one person. What can I do? When I sell something on eBay that is cast iron related and the buyer is not listed in my directory, I include a G&CICA application form with the item. Since I don't sell much on eBay that method doesn't reach a lot of people.

    I know we have dealers that have booths in antique malls. Do you have G&CICA applications visible at your booth? Why not? I decided to reach out to my friends that work at indoor flea markets or antique malls. They're not huge flea markets but since they are people I know, I'm playing the "favor" card. I asked if they could keep some applications on their counter, or at the entrance of the flea market or post on the bulletin board. I clicked on "Join G&CICA" and printed the application and made 500 copies. I did not have a color printer available so these are B&W. I then bundled them in packs of 50 and made some little 4" x 6" signs. (The photo frame cost me $1). Since I can't print the form with a multiple choice drop down bar, I highlighted the cost for a single, family or student membership. I will be distributing these application packages over the next few days. I can't guarantee this will bring in new members but I hope it will. If nothing else, it will bring awareness to our group. I'm sure there are many, many people that love to cook in cast iron or those that collect cast iron that didn't even know there was a club for that. I'm not making this post to get a pat on the back. I just wanted to let other members know that we can all do something to spread the word. If you need a lot of application forms, please contact Doris Mosier. (click on "Join G&CICA" for details).

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    Re: Reaching New Members - Word of Mouth

    I had these cards printed as easy hand-outs. Sometimes we meet someone that has a common interest in cast iron cookware and this is easy way to let them know about G&CICA. Below is a copy of the business-sized card (front & back).

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