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    Newbie ISO: whole skillet set large logo, DO's & a long griddle

    I'm just starting out and I'm in search of a whole skillet set large logo that are in excellent condition and all sit flat on my glass cook top stove, #8 & #9 titetop DO, 8or9 long griddle. Must be in excellent condition & everything needs to sit flat on my glass stove. Thanks for helping a newbie to the club.

    You reach me by text or email. 619-607-7645

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    Re: Newbie ISO: whole skillet set large logo, DO's & a long griddle

    Hello Elizabeth, welcome to our forum.

    I wanted to comment about using cast iron on a glass cook top. If I recall correctly one of our members (Doris Mosier) had a glass cook top that she used her cast iron on and it caused some damage to the glass. I will ask her to comment especially since my memory may not be working correctly on the subject and I don't recall the specific issue that she had. If you look at the picture that i use for my avatar on the forum to will see a waffle iron in use. I was concerned about damaging the class on my cook top by transmitting heat from the iron base directly on to the glass, I ended up cutting out a silicone baking sheet to fit over the burner but isolate the base of the waffle iron from the glass. Worked like a champ. I have since moved and have a SS range in my new house so it is no longer a requirement for me.

    Best of luck in pursuit of this great hobby, whether simply for cooking or for appreciating the American Folk Art that many of the pieces represent.


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    Re: Newbie ISO: whole skillet set large logo, DO's & a long griddle

    Thanks John. I haven't had any issues cooking on it and my home warranty will pay for a new one if it breaks so I'm not worried about the stove. I just want pieces that all sit completely flat. Thanks for being concerned :-)

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    Re: Newbie ISO: whole skillet set large logo, DO's & a long griddle

    I did have an issue with an old Corning ware electric stove top and ended up having to replace it. Through carelessness, I forgot an aluminum pot on the stove and it boiled dry, adheared to the stove top and when removed, had scared it beyond use on that burner. It looked awful.
    I now have a Jenn Aire--had the kitchen plumbed to get a gas stove.
    People have written often about successfully using the glass top stoves with cast iron, so it was likely just my carelessness.
    Enjoy using your new found cooking in vintage cast iron.
    BTW, I have the hard to find pieces in the block set, the 2, 4 and 5, if interested. Doris

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