Welcome Members! As you see our new forum is up and running strong. G&CICA hopes you enjoy your new forum and that you participate in the topics with your knowledge and questions. This type of forum is new to many so I want to explain how to register so you will be able to join in and post where you wish.

At the top of the page or in the brown bar above the topics you will see a "Register" link. Click on that and fill in the required information. You will need to pass the spam test which is to type the letters you see in the image verification box below it. If you can not make out the letters click on the little reload circular arrows to the right of the image to load a different set of letters. Sometimes those images make me real mad but it is necessary to keep the spam out of our forum.

You also must submit a working email address because once you submit your application you will be emailed a verification email within a few minutes to click on to verify your email. CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. From there it goes in to the moderation folder where a moderator will be able to verify that you used your real name. Once approved you will get another email welcoming you. Please allow time to be moderated. If you have a problem anywhere along the line just click on the "Contact" link at the bottom of the page and send us a email with your problem.