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Thread: Vintage Iron

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    Vintage Iron

    Ej can you make a corresponding link that is placed below in the regular topics section. I think that the "Vintage Iron" link just at the top may get over looked.
    You don't notice it as much because there is not a "New Post" icon to highlight it.

    Also I posted a topic on the difference between Concentric & Eccentric Kettles. The Vintage Iron Link was about the only place the topic fit. There wasn't a
    topic section that covers "Cast Iron Information" How about a section in the same topic area as Cleaning & Restoring that would be something like
    "Cast Iron 101 - Generalized Information on Cast Iron Cookware & Related Items"? I think my information would be a better fit in a topic header like that.

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    Re: Vintage Iron

    Mark I think that would be good. I will work on it when I get home tonight.