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    2014 Photos from the NE chapter meet at the Schwarting's summer home.

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    Re: 2014 Photos from the NE chapter meet at the Schwarting's summer home.

    The meeting at the Schwarting's summer home at Sackett's Bay was a good social experience, a great learning time for all of us, and just a nice time.
    Thank you Suzanne and Brad for opening your home for this event. It was FUN!

    I hope all of you get the opportunity to go to at least one of the chapter meets held every year in many parts of the country.

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    Re: 2014 Photos from the NE chapter meet at the Schwarting's summer home.

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    We had a great time! We had a chance to get together with friends (old & new). There were some that weren't able to join us this time and they were missed. Suzanne & Brad did a great job. Plenty of food! There was a lot of nice iron to see, swap, buy or sell. Elena did a very nice presentation, too. The weather was gorgeous with a nice breeze coming off Lake Ontario. We allowed extra time so we had the chance to explore Sackets Harbor, visit historical spots, museums, an antique shop and take a nice walk around town and along the water. We stopped in at Sackets Harbor Brewing Company (NY state's oldest continuing microbrewery) a former railroad station building located right on Lake Ontario. So often we arrive late Friday afternoon (the day of the chapter meet) and head home immediately after the Saturday events that we seldom take the time to visit the area. We made the time this time (as did a few others). It was such an enjoyable weekend!

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    Re: 2014 Photos from the NE chapter meet at the Schwarting's summer home.

    and I like your new cup, Audrey.

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    Re: 2014 Photos from the NE chapter meet at the Schwarting's summer home.

    It's hard to find a mug with a cast iron theme so sometimes you just have to design your own.

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    Re: 2014 Photos from the NE chapter meet at the Schwarting's summer home.

    Brad and Suzanne's home is a former school house. (Notice the blackboard?). If these walls could talk....

    Visiting with our friends, great conversations, lots of cast iron, fresh air, beautiful weather and full bellies -- what's not to like?

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    See photos above or latest Pan Handler (Vol 19 - #4) for photos from Show and Tell! Here is just a sampling of some of the many mailboxes on display.

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    A little more chatting before having to head home.

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Size:  70.1 KB For those that enjoy history, Sackets Harbor is a key part in America winning the War of 1812.
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Size:  72.9 KB "In Memory of the Officers & men who served on this frontier during the war of 1812"
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    Sackets Harbor is located on Lake Ontario. So is the Sackets Harbor Brewing Company

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    Even got a photo of the super moon.
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    What a great visit!
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    Re: 2014 Photos from the NE chapter meet at the Schwarting's summer home.

    WAHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! now these pictures made me homesick!


    You all need to take a ride on the locks on the Erie Canal.


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    Re: 2014 Photos from the NE chapter meet at the Schwarting's summer home.

    Just because you're on the West Coast doesn't mean you can't attend other meets outside of your area. (I know -- easier said than done). Kate, I haven't had a chance to meet you yet but I am loving your posts. I hope to actually meet you sometime at a chapter meet or convention. A little birdie told me it is another gorgeous weekend in Sackets Harbor. The next NE chapter meet (summer 2015) will be in Warren, PA. Watch the forum for details.

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