I would be interested in buying anything Martin that i do not already have. I would like a #9 deep skillet #9 dutch oven #9 trivet #9 skillet lid, #7 skillet lid high dome or low dome, #5 skillet lid high dome or low dome, #10 dutch oven #10 skillet lid high or low dome #10 trivet. Also the #9 and #10 griddle. I know this is a large list but im starting in the Martin field and am looking for a lot. Always wanting the advertising skillet lids or the advertising griddles. Any dutch oven lids with the "Martins Perfection Florence Alabama" on it Aswell as the Skillet Lids with t he samw writing.

All the camp ovens and spiders and sauce pans aswell. Martin acutally made several items and if you have something you want to sell let me know...

Thanks Kayne