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Thread: Pan wanted

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    Pan wanted

    Clueless member seeking help
    I would like to buy two pans/skillets. I do not know much, but I do know that I want:
    Items that I will use often so they have to be in very good condition. Not interested in collector's pieces, just from the "good metal" era and no later chinese stuff.
    I look for one at about 11+ inches diameter, so number 9 I think(?) or one size larger. I also look for one at 8-9 inches diameter.
    No heat ring, flat bottom an absolute must.
    If someone has something that would like to offer to me, posting here or pm, or if someone could point me to the right item at ebay and advising me on a price spread... everything is welcome.
    I have a limited time to buy since next week I will have a container send my way in which I intend to put everything in.
    thank you in advance

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    Re: Pan wanted

    Tasos please check out the Facebook cast iron auction site or the classified page.

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    Re: Pan wanted

    Thanks a lot Ej for your suggestions.

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    Re: Pan wanted

    Tasos--I have 7 and 9 Griswold pans, if you want to contact me--doris mosier and also check out my web site, I'm accustomed to helping out newcomers with good vintage cast iron.

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