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    National Convention

    A VERY BIG "THANK YOU" goes to Lee and his staff for a great 2014 G&CICA National Convention.It was GREAT. Also the Commemorative(WE SELL ERIE HOLLOWWARE UPTOTIME CLOCK) was second to none!!!
    Thanks Again and God Bless,

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    Re: National Convention

    Had a great time. Members were buying and members were selling. Met a new couple from Canada Nice people,

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    Re: National Convention

    There were a lot of very nice pieces and great deals. I know we came home with a few items from the swap meet & auction. There were several new faces at the convention. Jeff, Elena & Igor were the couple from Canada. I wish I had had a chance to speak with them more. We did get to chat with Joseph and Nancy (another couple that is new to G&CICA). Of course we also enjoyed spending time with our long time friends, too. The time went by so quickly!

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