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    #9 1920-1940 Lodge High Dome Dutch Oven

    Hey Guys,

    My wife has been asking me for a dutch oven lately. I have been collecting for 5 years and have only bought 2 which i gave away as gifts. I could never decide which brand/logo I wanted for my self. I have been thinking about it a lot lately and finally made a decision (only took 5 years lol).

    Looking for a 1920-1940 #9 Lodge Dutch Oven with the High Lid (see pic below)

    In a perfect world, i would like a 9 with the lodge logo.... But one without will work also.

    It needs to be decent... no heavy pitting, cracks and no warping. Hope to have this for a very long time.

    I have been looking on ebay and will continue to, let me know if anyone has any leads. Thanks

    Here is what i am after:
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    Re: #9 1920-1940 Lodge High Dome Dutch Oven

    Still Looking

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    Re: #9 1920-1940 Lodge High Dome Dutch Oven

    I like these also. They could just make me want to start collecting Lodge. I have a few Lodge hammered pieces now.

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