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    Can U eat An octopus?

    I acme across this recipes on how to clean and cook an octopus and I thought to myself what?! I never new people ate octopus. Just the thought makes me feel sick.

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    Re: Can U eat An octopus?

    It's a common dish in the Orient. Not bad, depending on how its' prepared.

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    Re: Can U eat An octopus?

    I went to college at U. of Illinois in Chicago. One of the ethnic neighborhoods that was nearby was the Greek neighborhood. Many an evening with friends or a date included dining at the Athena restaurant. Our gang were such frequent clients that the waiters would often give us free drinks. Metaxa and Ouzo flowed and they would put on a show for us, dancing with shots on their heads. One of my favorite dishes was grilled octopus. Very Mediterranean. Darn, those were good times! I still like my Ouzo and would be very amenable to having some well prepared octopus. It is just another mollusk, like clams, oysters, mussels and scallops. However, after Invertebrate Zoology, I'll pass on eating snails. They are the hosts and intermediate hosts of uncounted parasites.