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  1. Re: I am opting out on receiving a hard copy of the Panhandler

    The Zawadowski household will also opt out of receiving a hard copy of the Panhandler. We want to do our part to keep the club solvent and active.
  2. Re: Another Griswold Pup Reproduction Getting Bids!

    This person appears to be rather new to Ebay with about 50 feedbacks now. The same person was involved a while back with a bidding war that ended with a no-name, but nicely painted, pup selling right...
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    New Pup In The House!

    I have not been posting much to the Pups, Pups, and More Pups, section lately, but will try and get back to it soon. My reason is that a new pup has come into the house that is more high maintenance...
  4. Re: Another Griswold Pup Reproduction Getting Bids!

    The same bidder that won the pup you mention has bid on every fake/reproduction "Griswold" pup that has come up on eBay in the last week or more. They have won most of them, and I can't imagine why....
  5. Re: Another Fake "Griswold" pup on eBay

    The internet adds 10 pounds :-). or, alternately, "That's what she said" :-)
    No one posts actual size photos of them because the details don't show up. I have purchased many through the 'net that...
  6. Another Fake "Griswold" pup on eBay

    I could post theses a couple times a week! It seems as soon as these dealers get a sucker to buy one at the minimum bid, or worse, 'buy it now', they put another up for sale....
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    Re: Ebay pup

    I've got a couple of these ACCO/HINES pups now. The one Ej asks about is in nice condition. My opinion is that $30-$40 would be a good auction price. Anything less would be a bargain, and anything...
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    Re: Classic Griswold pup imitation

    They are just no name pups. Both the crater pupil Griswold type and the smooth pupil generic type are found without marking. Both can be found in a variety of metals. Some of the no names...
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    Re: Classic Griswold pup imitation

    I'm not sure if you don't see the stamp on the back of the head or can't link to the ad and images. Here are the images. What I mean by the 'Chinese 30' is the jumble of number stamps (one sort of...
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    Classic Griswold pup imitation

    If anyone is interested in seeing a typical example of a "reproduction"/fake Griswold pup. There is one on eBay now at:
  11. Re: Kind of cast iron, not cookware, but interesting....

    Thank you, Mark. I was the only bidder on it, which surprised me, as I figured others would have recognized it from the Roadshow, even if it aired 6 years before the auction. I am not too far from...
  12. Kind of cast iron, not cookware, but interesting....


    This big old rooster was purchased online over a year ago. The head, body and thighs are cast iron. The comb, wattle and legs are wrought iron and the wings and tail are sheet metal. A...
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    As a new G&CICA member, I'm very happy these forums are available. I have a small assortment of cast iron cookware and artifacts. It remains from years ago, before we had smooth glass top stoves, and...
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