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  1. Re: Key chain Fob Idea on Facebook question.

    I like it. Do you have any idea on the size of this? The size of a quarter? Half-dollar? Are they looking to have these made privately? Or will G&CICA benefit from the sales? Thanks again for...
  2. Re: Key chain Fob Idea on Facebook question.

    Not being a member of "Nothing but cast iron classifieds", I can't view his post. I'll leave this to Brad to answer. Thanks for bringing this up. Not all of us do facebook.
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    Re: Holiday Ritz Crackers."

    That sounds tasty. Best of all, it is so easy! As they say, "Everything tastes better when it sits on a Ritz."
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    Re: Anyone in the Memphis, TN area?

    I hope you find some real treasures on that wall! Since the cast iron collection was special enough to display, that's encouraging. Good luck, Mike. If you get to attend, let us know how it turned...
  5. Thread: Ebay pup

    by Audrey Belden

    Re: Ebay pup

    If there is a pup out there with an obscure listing and it goes cheap, I'm pretty sure you'll be the one to find it! Just keep me in mind when you find a duplicate of those rare ones! ;)
  6. Re: January 4th Auction in Kansas by member

    Doris does give the name, address & phone number for Brown Auction & Real Estate above. I checked their website, and clicked on upcoming events. Nothing is posted yet. I...
  7. Thread: Ebay pup

    by Audrey Belden

    Re: Ebay pup

    I have to agree that the LVRR was excessive -- but I've seen them go for even more! If you got an LVRR pup for $75, that's a great price. Getting it with an unmarked pup is a bonus. I've seen...
  8. Re: Hello from the Blue Ride Mountains of Virginia

    Welcome aboard, Susan. The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are beautiful. Such gorgeous views for miles. Some of our members are a little shy about posting. Please don't be bashful. Feel free...
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    Corn Chowder

    We were in Philadelphia, PA yesterday and after some historical sightseeing, had lunch at the City Tavern (est. 1773). Many of our country's Founding Fathers (such as Ben Franklin, George...
  10. Re: Grifiti Big A** Bands - Food Grade Silicone

    Found another use as the turkey was cooking on Thanksgiving:

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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving 2014

    As I've been baking and cooking today, I've had a very patient observer. I can read her mind: "Is that turkey I smell? Is that sausage stuffing, too? I'd be very "thankful" if you'd shared some...
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    Happy Thanksgiving 2014

    Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving! If you plan to travel, please be safe. God bless!

    We had about 6" of snow this morning but the weather should be getting warmer over the next...
  13. Re: Reaching New Members - Word of Mouth

    Thanks, Randy. We always appreciate the advertising! It's a way of letting people know about G&CICA without even having to say a word -- unless they ask. Do you need some G&CICA applications? ...
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    Re: Chestnut Pancakes

    I have a slightly different recipe. Maybe we should do a taste test. ;) Looks like a good weekend for pancakes!

    Fluffy Chestnut Flour Pancakes


    4 eggs
    1/4 cup canned...
  15. Re: Looking for Feedback on Chainmail Scrubbers for Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

    Thanks for the input. I think we'll stick with the stainless steel Chore Boy. We only use it after the pan has gone through electrolysis -- not after it has been seasoned. Chore Boy also makes a...
  16. Looking for Feedback on Chainmail Scrubbers for Cleaning Cast Iron Cookware

    I have heard about chainmail scrubbers but have never used one. Our experience has been that for cast iron pans that are seasoned properly, seldom do you need more than a paper towel to wipe it out....
  17. Pricey Cast Iron Dog (Whippet) Andirons on eBay

    Not cookware but these are cast iron! Bidding started at 99 cents (no reserve). I did not expect to see these sell for $1,126.98. I've seen these dogs before but don't generally pay too much...
  18. Re: Haul from the 79th St. Greenmarket - NYC

    They are a root vegetable (also known as a Jerusalem artichoke). You can cook them the same way you would cook a potato (roasted, fried, mashed, boiled, etc). :)
  19. Re: Haul from the 79th St. Greenmarket - NYC

    Me, too! ;)

    There was so much more to choose from than what is shown here -- fresh veggies, farm fresh milk & eggs, meats, baked goods, nuts, olives, cheeses, apples, pears, pretzels, sunflowers...
  20. Re: Did You See How Much That Sold For on eBay?

    I know I have paid up a time or two if there was an item I really, really wanted and it's something that doesn't come up very often. I've been watching these sell for $70-$150 in recent months so I...
  21. Did You See How Much That Sold For on eBay?

    $ 234.08 + shipping



    eBay Item #141453169271
  22. Re: Reaching New Members - Word of Mouth

    You're correct. You get a patch with your new member packet. You can contact Doris Mosier to purchase additional patches. I contacted a local shop that does embroidery and it is much cheaper to...
  23. Re: Southeast Asian Style Shrimp Soup with Pineapple

    Looks like another great recipe! I love that you added your personal notes and other options. That saves a lot of "experimenting." ;) Thanks for sharing this with us.
  24. Re: Improved, Goof Proof, Fairly Easy Cinnamon Roll (and other items), One Basic Doug

    Was not trying to give you a complex. (Sorry). If you bake it from scratch and know to plump the raisins, you're a master baker in my book! Just thinking about the smell of cinnamon rolls baking...
  25. Re: Reaching New Members - Word of Mouth

    Yes, I keep trying to think of new, inexpensive ways to introduce people to G&CICA. John and I had the opportunity to attend the Dixie Chapter Meet last weekend. We had a great time! Thank you to...
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