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  1. Joel Schiff

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    As I told Russ, it is unfortunate that very little has surfaced about Joel. I found that article, but it took a while for me to figure out how to share with our club. He will be missed by a lot of people.
    I will miss his happy face and great knowledge. I have enjoyed reading about him in a book called brimfield rush. he was quite a celebrity in the book Bob Wyss wrote..
  2. Griswold Identification Help

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    This is a request for help on two pieces that I am unsure if they are Griswold made. The steel skillet has the #39 on the handle (small 6 inches across), but is not exactly like the skillet in the book of Wagner and Griswold (Red) on page 132. It also has what appears to be a small spider web logo? In addition, I have an old flat cast iron lid with a 9 on top and no other markings. It came with a pre Griswold Erie oven #832, but it never fit quite right. Please see the attached photos, and
  3. Test New thread UnIdentified Hammered Skillet

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    New to forum, Hello, I wonder if any one can identify this skillet?Name:  #5 Hammered Skillet.jpg
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Size:  56.7 KBName:  4 dot pan.jpg
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Size:  61.1 KBName:  offset 5 Hammered skillet.jpg
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  4. Cast Aluminum Kettle

    I have acquired an old cast aluminum kettle. Need help in identifying. How do I attach a picture?
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