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  1. Wagner Gourmet Egg pan

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    Seen this on Ironman Auction and thought it was really neat wit the label still attached. Patty Palinski was the seller there.
  2. How BSR ground and finished iron

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    Very neat convo with Hugh and Saunders about how they would finish the iron at BSR.
  3. Stover, Ideal, Shapilegh, Wardsway

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    "Children of the Orchard" by Stover
  4. Talk from within the foundry by folks that was there at BSR.

    This convo covers why they put that screw into the pattern and how automation effected how they operated. I'll be adding a lot to this blog over time and it'll be worth checking back in to view. Name:  IMG_8769.jpg
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  5. 2004 Lodge Catalog

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